St Eata

We are the only church to be dedicated to St Eata and there is very little known about this saint.

In 664 AD Eata, Abbot ofthe monastery at Mailros (Melrose) a gentle man and greatly revered, was appointed Abbot of Lindesfame.

This break in Lindesfame occured after the Synod of Whitby which was held in May 664 AD at which the Celtic church was forced to accept the Roman calculation for keeping Easter.

In 678 AD at York, Eata was consecrated Bishop of Northern Northumbria, Bernicia by Theodore of Cantebury. Eata was given a choice of residing at Hexham or Lindesfame to serve his see at Bernicia. Eata chose Lindesfame.

Later when Cuthbert was nominated Bishop of Hexham, but wished to remain in Lindesfame, Eata's filled his palce at Hexham.

Eata is one of many Englihs saints who were canonised without suffering martyrdom.

Eata died in 685 or 686, rumoured to be of dysentery, and was burried to the south of the church at Hexham before being moved inside in the 11th Century.

His life was dedicated to the saving souls and to the Romanizing and Benedictinizing of his See.

His Saint day is celebrated on 26th October.