Wedding FAQ

Do we need to live in Atcham to get married in the church?

No. There are many ways you can qualify to get married here if you don't live in the parish. For example if you were baptised at the church or if your parents or grandparents were married here. Also, attending the church regualrly (usually about 6 services) will enable you to qualify. We have a friendly congregation who are happy to welcome you here.

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Can we choose hymns and readings?

Of course. As part of your wedding preparations the Priest will meet with you to discuss all of this. You may have some of your own ideas that you want to include. We ask that one of your readings is a biblical reading but again we can advise you on that.

The Church of England has a page dedicated to choosing wedding hymns and readings. You can find it by clicking here.

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Can we have confetti?

Yes you can, but we ask that it is biodegradable and is thrown outside the church. We also don't allow confetti cannons.

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What is parking like at the church?

There is limited parking by the church. There is a local farmer who is happy for us to use his land to park on from time to time on request.

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How do we book a service?

We strongly advise you visit the church and speak to one of our team. It is also advisable to fill in a banns of marriage form which you can download under this message. This will provisionally book your date. You will then hear from us when we invite you to the church for a meeting with all other couples getting married.

How many people does the church hold?

At capacity, the church will hold about 220 people.

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Do we have to have organ music?

No. Most people getting married here have music played on the organ, but we have had string quartets, choirs and many other musicans. We have an excellent organist that will work with you if you have any special requests, we also have a PA system where devices can be plugged in should you want something specific playing.

Music normally includes entrance and exit, hymns and music played during the register.

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What about flowers?

As you can see from the picutures on our wedding page, the church looks beautiful when decorated with flowers. If you're working with a florist they can liaise with us to gain access to the church. Alternatively we have people here at St Eata's who can advise you on all things to do with flowers. 

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Can our photographer take pictures during the service?

Of course, we're always happy to work with photographers

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Do we have to get married on a Saturday?

You can get married on any weekday as well as Saturday. If you have a particular date you want it's best to book it as soon as possible in case someone else wants the same date (although we can accommodate two weddings on the same day).

Click to download banns of marriage form